Street Style – Upping your Curb Appeal

It’s not uncommon for the extended neighbourhood’s facades to be familiar whilst their proprietors remain faceless. We are all guilty of making snap judgements and filling in the ownership blanks with the help of an over active imagination and a critical disposition. However, a few little touches can positively influence any curious curbcrawlers’ conclusions about who lives behind your home’s exterior to make sure your mortar mask fits.


Behind closed doors
The easiest way to breathe new life into your house is by repainting the front door. But what will your colour choice say about you?

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Whether you think it’s gobbledygook or not, colour theorists believe that every colour comes with its own subliminal narrative and that from person-to-person and culture-to-culture the emotional effect can vary wildly. Take red – considered lucky in China, but associated with mourning in South Africa. And you only need to conjure up the all-powerful 10 Downing Street for confirmation of the UK’s authoritative connotations of black (although ironically, in Thailand and Tibet, black is most closely associated with evil).

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Colour decoded
Blue – Peace, security, harmony, calmness
Yellow – Happiness, optimism, imagination, friendship
Black – Leadership, authority, strength, sophistication
Red – Passion, energy, love, luck
Grey – Intelligence, modesty, dignity, maturity, conservative
White – Purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace
Pink – Courage, fun, mischief, sensitivity
Green – Trustworthiness, tranquility, safety


Upping your curb appeal

  • Don’t rush into choosing your exterior colourway. Treat your front door and window boxes with the same contemplation you would have for an interior wall – pin paint swatches and take your home’s local surroundings into consideration.
  • Hang one of Duck Egg Designs’ decorative lanterns next to the keyhole or mount a vintage wall light for more of a functional lighting solution.
  • Paint your front door and window boxes the same colour, but use two different finishes for a modern twist – a full gloss on the door and an exterior eggshell on the boxes. A gloss finish is also easier to wipe clean.
  • Limit your colour scheme to no more than three colours. Any more than this will look chaotic and incoherent.
  • Fill vintage planters, galvanised buckets and window boxes with wild flowers or lavender.Bucket 1 copy-500x500
  • Make a statement with a dark front door – they look great when framed with evergreen foliage and set off with brass hardware.
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  • Go for a bold colour to stand out from your neighbours and add contrasting details such as a geometric tiled floor or a patterned doormat for extra curb appeal.


  • If your doors are directly side-by-side, show neighbourly love and decorate using a colour scheme that’s complementary.SyntekExifImageTitle

‘Street Style – Upping your Curb Appeal’ article written by Nicola Maughan of Duck Egg Designs. For more details visit or email info@duckeggdesigns.


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