Shelf Life: Refurbishing and Re-Envisioning Storage Space

Shelf Life: Refurbishing and Re-Envisioning Storage Space

Storage space is a necessary part of any home. A way to provide organisation and cleaning solutions. However, whether it be to give inspiration to sometimes reluctant little tidy-uppers; or to give your room  a space to separate work and pleasure on otherwise busy worktop surfaces: Emmalena Ellis of Duck Egg Designs demonstrates how with a few simple examples, you can create or renew your love in your shelving and  storage space solutions.

To celebrate the release of our lovingly hand-crafted Settle Bench, the team at Duck Egg Designs have been thinking long and hard about how storage space can be incorporated and embraced at home. Show some love to your walls by displaying your best loved ornaments or eliminate clutter with alternative organisation systems.


Kids storage box

On a tight budget? There’s no need for your neglected units to be wallflowers. Adapt

plain boards with bold coloured sheets of paper, left over wallpaper and wrapping paper you may have lying around your home. Going for a deeper colour scheme? No problem, substitute bright pastels for newspaper and magazine cut-outs that may compliment the theme of the room. ready-to-assemble bookcases and stand alone wall units with custom-made finishes. For lighter rooms add a splash of paint onto tired wooden surfaces and  accentuate

The overall ilusion provides a  perfect backdrop for pigeon hole style shelves which are great organisers for knick-knacks and odd bits and pieces you may have in the room. Try mixing and matching dividers and compartments to create a space that is personal to you by removing existing shelves and adjust to suit your needs with customised placement or a grid.

Big Playroom Shelves


Settle BenchWhy not make the most of larger windows by adding a window seat complete with storage space. Window-seats provide more space for guests in the living room or the perfect reading nook to curl up with a good book. At the same time you have a separate cubby hole for children’s toys, paperwork, DVDs etc whilst freeing up the rest of the room. The versatility of options available  mean that you can store items inside the bench, or underneath with deep set drawers or coloured plastic bins and wicker baskets to suit your personality.

window seat with drawerswindow seat bed

Many window seats and benches can unify wall shelves that are built into the corners and alcoves of rooms and instantly provide a splash of colour when topped up with pillows and cushions.


Rather than hiding all your ornaments and every-day objects away, why not embrace their charm instead? Very often we purchase dishes and glassware with a room in mind but these are often hidden away in a corner, where they can soon become neglected and covered in dust.  Make your kitchen a showpiece; by removing the doors and making open units and shelves. Want that brand new kitchen style?  – A freshened coat of paint on wooden units  and tiles you can  highlight little details. Weary of small hands? Don’t worry, the same look can be achieved by replacing doors with sliding glass panels, keeping china and valuables out of reach.

Duck Egg Kitchen

Install matching shelves into room corners around the sink or oven with a hint of skirting board on the edges to give the illusion of a  complimentary suite at a fraction of the cost.


Although a staple of many modern homes, using the space of one’s home effectively to create an office can sometimes be a challenge However, by turning a bookshelf to face on the side you can free up a corner space more effectively for long term storage space solutions and much needed privacy. Why not invest in some cheap baskets and spray paint these to match the colour scheme of your room. Attach with labels to the slimmer wall of the bookshelf to create ledges for files and stationary. You can use the other side of the bookshelf to rest your laptop, printer and heavier duty items creating an instant secretary style desk, perfect for busy workers at home.

desk shelves


 When working with any form of shelving and storage space try to pick solutions that compliment your room both practically and aesthetically. For shabby-chic rooms why not get creative: Consider old vegetable crates, suitcases, or even old tin baths and corianders. On a tight budget? Avoid the high-street prices and look around in antique shops and charity shops to pick up cheap bargains which with licks of paint or papering can easily become a character piece for your home.

selection of storage solutions

 The Classic: Personalised Toy Box

Personalised Toy Box

Our beautiful white wooden toy box (available in all colours, woods, engraved toy boxes and raised letters toy boxes) are a simple and beautiful storage space solution. Our white toy box is great for storing blankets, toys and little William when he messing around! All built with safety features such as slow closes to avoid little fingers getting hurt but also help easily open and close the lid. For more details go to:

Whatever your budget or taste, remember to chose a storage space or shelves that reflect the character of your home and personality, thus encouraging you to uphold a well maintained and organised home you will treasure for years to come.

x Team Duck Egg

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