How To Make Christmas Stocking Fillers

How To Make Christmas Stocking Fillers

How To Make Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas stocking fillers can be expensive, but let these ideas inspire you to upcycle everyday objects into presents for creative and thoughtful gifts to add originality to any stocking! For presents that last beyond Christmas, Ellie Harrington of Duck Egg Designs looks at how to make Christmas stocking fillers.

 Map Coasters

Map Coasters

Map Coasters:

The perfect gift for remembering special places, these personalised coasters feature maps of memorable sites. They are romantic, thoughtful and a great talking point. To commemorate a special round the world trip these coasters map an unforgettable voyage.


Map – Round plain cork coasters – Glue sealant – Brush – Scissors – Card

How to make Christmas Stocking Fillers – Map Coasters.

Map Coasters

Using plain cork coasters trace around your coasters onto card to make your template. Use the templates to trace around on to the back of your map, taking care to include the area of significance. Carefully cut around the shape making sure to keep clean edges. Paste glue sealant onto the top of the coaster and the place the map cut outs onto coaster. Once this is dry then coat seal top of the coaster with the glue sealant.

Ellie says:

“Everyone who comes round always enjoys these the coasters and goes home to make them for themselves.”

How to make Christmas Stocking Fillers – Rosebud Heart Wreath.

Rosebud Heart Wreath

This easy statement piece is a gorgeous gift and also makes a lovely present to a host at a Christmas party. 


  • Dried rosebuds
  • Malleable Wire (should be strong enough to hold its shape with the weight of the buds.)
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon

How to make Rosebud Heart Wreath:

Thread your rosebuds onto the wire, using a needle to make the hole if the wire is not strong enough. Start to bend the wire as you add your buds. We love a heart shape for impact or you could do an initial or even a whole word. When the wire meets allow a 2 cm overlap and wrap the end pieces together and trim wire. Wrap ribbon over the join and knot and tie the ends into a bow.

Ellie says:

 “We placed our Rosebud Heart Wreath in our kitchen, hanging of our apron hooks to give the room a warm Christmas and traditional feel. These really are simple and fun to make and you could experiment with a number of different flowers and dyes if you want to try something a little more funky.”



How to make Christmas Stocking Fillers – Marbled Stationery

Marbled StationaryThese marbled pencils and matching notebook are an ideal Christmas present and can involve all the family for crafting fun! These bring any  vintage interiors to life.


  • How To Make Christmas Stocking FillersMarbling inks
  • Shallow tray
  • Paper
  • Round pencils
  • Notebook
  • PVA glue
  • Pencil sharpener

How to make Marbled Stationery:

Decide what colour scheme you would like to have and add your chosen marbling inks to a shallow tray of water. Use a paintbrush or spatula to swirl your designs. Place your paper delicately on top and lift off with care when you can see the inks holding onto the paper, leaving to dry flat. For the pencils cut the paper into rectangles and allow a 2 mm overlap on the longest side of the rectangle. Apply PVA evenly and roll the marbled paper tightly around the pencil taking care to align the edges and once dry sharpen the pencil. For the notebook repeat the marbling steps and then allow a 1 cm overlap.  Cut diagonals at the corner to create neat edges and apply PVA taking care to smooth any air bubbles from the paper. Little ones will love helping create unique designs although aprons are a must!

How to make Christmas Stocking Fillers – Scented Fabric Heart

Older children will be absorbed for hours creating these scented sachets to use as decorations for a vintage tree or as presents.


How to make a Fabric Scented Heart

  • Small pieces of fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Dried lavender
  • Stuffing
  • Card heart template
  • Pinking shears
  • Needle and thread/sewing machine

How to make a Fabric Scented Heart: 

  Cut out your shape by pinning the fabric together, we are using vintage fabric prints from the Duck Egg range and using a template to cut out two identical pieces. Use pinking shears so fabric edges will be neat, but still have a rustic feel. (Alternatively sew inside out for a smooth finish on the outer edge). With this sewing craft you will need to put the fabric with the plain sides together.  Tuck your ribbon inside the upper seam and pin your ribbon on the top of the shape, seen here at the top centre of the heart. Sew around the heart leaving a two cm gap.

Place in some dried lavender and fill with stuffing. Sew up the hole following on from the previous sewing line.

Ellie says:

“These fabric scented hearts look beautiful hanging on a door handle or just tuck away on a shelf or dresser. They make the perfect little Christmas presents for friends and family.”

Ellie Harrington Duck Egg Designs
Ellie Harrington – Duck Egg Designs

How To Make Christmas Stocking Fillers article written by Ellie Harrington of Duck Egg Designs (for “Reloved Magazine” a wonderful magazine targeted at interiors and makeover professionals). For more details visit or email


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