How to Cook Haddock

How To Cook Haddock

How To Cook Haddock

How To Cook Haddock: Team Duck Egg Designs were very fortunate to be able to ask Paul Bentley (Chef to the stars) for some tips on how to cook haddock as beautifully as he does.

January is a great month for round white fish. West Yorkshire, where Paul lives has always preferred haddock over the national favourite cod.

Paul says:

“So what is the difference? Well for me, haddock is sweeter and cod is flaky and succulent. Cod tends to be more prone to parasites and can often be sold out of condition and tasteless.”


let's get cookingHow To Cook Haddock:

  • Get the thick end of haddock from a good fish merchant rather than the supermarket.
  • Ask him/her to leave the skin on but remove the ‘pin bones’.

Team Duck Egg ask:

“How do you make your fish so nice Paul”?

“Simple- a good non-stick pan, a little oil, some good butter to start , a little fresh lemon juice and some foil.”


  • Warm an oven to ‘rest the fish’.
  • Season the fish well and carefully.
  • Dust with a little flour and knock any excess off.
  • Warm the sauté/frying pan.

Oil the pan; lay the fish in the pan to sizzle and the secret is not to move the fish for a good few minutes. If the pan is getting too hot remove the pan from the heat and adjust the heat bring the pan back onto the heat.

Add some butter and swirl the pan and the butter will go brown and ‘smell nutty’ squeeze some lemon juice in and shake the pan.

Top the fish with a little foil or grease proof paper and place in the oven without turning the fish over 4 or 5 minutes. 8 – 10 minutes in total.

Team Duck Egg ask:

“How do you suggest serving this dish Paul”?

A good fish slice and onto a warm plate with the haddock, peel of the sin and turn over to show a golden, crispy surface.

This is a great way to enjoy good fish, salmon is good this way too.

Team Duck Egg ask:


Melt a pot of brown shrimps into the pan and add some fresh parsley and pour over the haddock.

Brown Shrimp in a Pan

Sauté potatoes with a handful of chorizo and garden peas piled up alongside the fish.

Potatoes and Chorizo

Try some new potatoes with fresh chopped mint, even in winter.

“Alternatively, a pot of cauliflower cheese with leeks as a wholesome veggie dish.

Team Duck Egg:


We like to thank Paul for sharing his tips and hope he will join us again soon with another wonderful  dish!

How To Cook Haddock article written by Paul Bentley and Ellie Harrington of Duck Egg Designs. For more details visit or email


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  1. My favourite Burn’s dish would be; Scottish turbot with dried leeks and a tarragon and grain mustard cream velouté garnished with Ayrshire scallop and scampi. Superb!!!

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