Arstspiration: Sometimes the sheer number of decorating directions can be overwhelming. You’re a fan of a nautical stripe but equally adore a pop of neon. You coo over charcoals but go gaga for gold. So, which way wins? And, ultimately, what goes with what? It’s all too easy to be distracted by the range of styles available and end up losing sight of your original vision because of a multitude of disorientated decorating decisions.

Whilst I am personally a big fan of the eclectic look, if that’s not what gets your pulse racing, you might end up feeling that you have failed to achieve the specific style you set out to nail.

To avoid getting thrown off course, look to the art world for inspiration. Choose an artist that makes your heart sing and pledge allegiance to their artistic prowess.

Theme: Earth Tones

ARTspiration: Egon Schiele – Gerti Schiele in a Plaid Garment, 1909

“I must see new things and investigate them. I want to taste dark water and see crackling trees and wild winds.”

Artspiration Egon SchieleThe earthy palette favoured by Austrian expressionist painter, Egon Schiele, creates a rich and contemporary scheme that oozes with autumnal vibrancy. Washes of neutral earth tones layered upon one another add interest and depth, and the presence of natural materials combined with steel wirework keeps things fresh.

  • Work with three earth tones: keep stone and ochre as the tonal foundation but include a contrasting jolt of pigment such as leaf green to break things up
  • Choose wirework furniture and accessories to reference the sketchy quality of Schiele’s work
  • Layer furs and hides to add texture and contrast
  • Prop varying sizes of framed artwork against each other – think haphazard art studio! Who says art needs to be hung?
  • Introduce a mix of monochrome plaid patterns and grayscale textiles
  • Hang filament bulb lighting from suspended branches for an original timber twist

One of the factors we look at when working with clients regarding Artspiration or colour palettes is offering all of our products in a colour match system where we will create bespoke pieces of work or take an original print or artwork and adapt it to our clients needs. The results can be amazing!


Nail the look

  • Colours: Stone, ochre, chocolate brown and leaf green
  • Patterns: Plaid, checks, stripes
  • Furnishings: Distressed leather sofas, vintage trunks, wirework accessories Vintage Steamer TrunkArtspiration

















You are my sunshine poster






Theme: Jewel Colours

ARTspiration: Paul Klee – Du Gris de la Nuit Surgit Soudain, 1918


“Colour and I have become one” Paul Klee

 The abstract patchwork of jewel colours within Paul Klee’s work presents a symphony of decorating inspiration.  By mixing a rich and expressive palette made up of yellows, blues and reds, the vibrancy of North Africa is evoked.

Klee famously declared that art is “taking a walk with a line”. Try taking the same curious approach to decorating and you’ll find that your room will evolve organically resulting in more depth and a palpable soul.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix several strong colours. Colours must appear three times or more to look intentional so don’t just go with a safe/non-committal ‘pop’ of colour – it will fade into insignificance unless the ‘rule of three’ is applied
  • Remember the UK’s cold-toned natural daylight will give a cooler output than in sunnier climes. Strategically use a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to lift and enhance the jewel colour scheme
  • Bear in mind that the lower a bulb’s Kelvin number (between 2700K to 3000K), the more yellow and warm the light will be
  • Use fabrics that are opulent and heavy, such as velvet (one of 2014’s key interior design trends) in jewel colours
  • Try to resist the urge to buy everything all at once; no matter how desperate you are to tick another room off your list, the space will visibly thank you for being patient. As Klee did, allow your creative line to ‘take a walk’
  • Collect unusual items on foreign travels or pick up pieces at car boot sales and flea markets. Look out for woven rugs, patterned throws, embossed leather items, straw baskets, and decorative boxes that will give a global charm to your room
  • Avoid an overly themed effect by interspersing the Moorish scheme with graphical art framed in simple black frames. Prints that contain typography will bring an eclectic and modern update to your room

Nail the look

–        Colour: Jewel colours (ruby, sapphire, topaz, emerald)

–        Pattern: Geometric, mosaic and patchwork

–        Furnishings: A velvet chaise longue, woven rugs, typographical artwork, Moroccan inspired lanter

Arty Basket


Paul Klee Inspiration


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  1. Thank you Duck Egg – just come across this article … this is just what I was looking for. My new “go to” list for getting it right. I’m ARTspired!

  2. What a great idea! I have so much art that never fits in the decor of the room. I never thought to switch it around and create the decor around the piece. Very creative approach. Great article. More of this please Duckegg!

  3. I love the Egon Schiele image, I might just include it in my new collection of varied sized artworks! Thanks for the tips Duck Egg!

  4. @Daisy L
    Similar lights can be purchased from – there’s a multitude of cord colours to choose from and they’re very reasonably priced too! Scout your local park for display worthy branches…varnish or paint and then attach to the wall using a narrow wall bracket. Hope that helps x

  5. Great ideas. Another option would be to have the artwork created using your favourite colours. Our Pop Art Portraits can be created with any colour background to suit your taste.

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