Growing Up

Growing Up

'Dream Big' our perfect poster for the nursery

“Close your eyes Mummy”.

I tried not to be impatient, not to think I had to put the littlest one to bed, sort the laundry, stack the dishwasher, pay a bill I had found under the floorboard and I took a deep breath.

“Open them…”

There standing in front of me was a huge bunch of dandelions hanging on rather distressed stalks. “These are for you”.

Even more precious than my lovingly picked bunch of dangling dandelions was the enormous beam on the face of my eldest. In a busy world where everyone anywhere can work everywhere, anywhere, it was humbling to be reminded that there is a world right in front of us. My children remind me every day to stop and to look.

Where does the time go? It seems not only this week but this year is going so quickly and too soon my little ducklings are growing up, with one to start school in September and one walking (albeit rather reluctantly!) I sometimes wish I could pause moments in time, just so I can catch up with them. So in an effort to record some of these wonderful moments I have been looking at crafty ways to do this! One idea I love and is popular among my Mummy friends is to create a year book, digitally storing away photos in folders over the year, however after my phone crashed last year I am a big fan of printing off directly from my phone as well just to capture the transient moments, the triumphant grin of that first hit of the tennis ball over the net and the tentative first steps of our youngest. All this inspired me to take the moment into my own hands and create a height ruler. I have long admired them on Pinterest but this time really wanted to make one for myself.

There aren’t many hours in the day, but the time I have spent making my giant ruler have been so satisfying it has been a joy! I hope we can graffiti on it now all the dates and heights of our growing brood. I am also going to place Polaroid style snaps alongside of their different stages. I hope it gives them a sense of belonging and of how much we have loved every stage and how even their smallest changes have not gone unnoticed.

My very own handmade height ruler

You will need:

Vinyl numbers which can be bought online or stencils or free hand for the markings and numbers.

A piece of wood 183 cm h x 20 cm w (this is a great project for upcycling and Victorian floorboards are a good width for the project!)

Stain and varnish.


Sand and prepare the piece of wood. Depending on what style you go for you can leave it natural, painted or use a wood stain. I chose an Antique pine stain which was easy to apply with a sponge. I thought this made it look more like the wooden rulers I used at school, which gave it a vintage appeal! It needed two coats.


Mark out your measurements in pencil. Once the panel is fully dry you can apply your numbers how you choose to, I mimicked a ruler I used to have with inches and cm, but you could also just use only feet and inches or only cm.

Measuring up

Varnish if you would like to protect it.

Halfway through!

I am so thrilled with our new height ruler! We are placing it with our new print ‘Dream Big’ and family photos on a half landing to make use of some blank space. Do share your ideas for recording memories with us!


Duck Egg Designs x